the Short Film Organization within u of Sc’s SGTV

The goal for 1080C is to allow students of any level of experience, including none at all, to try their hand at filmmaking. We hold weekly workshops, from writing to cinematography to producing, to train students on as many areas of the filmmaking process that we can. We work together to allow students a way to express themselves through their art and at the same time prepare them for a career in the film industry. We submit each of our films to festivals around the world.

We have many experienced and award-winning filmmakers that actively participate and produce amazing work within the organization.

1080C has three subsections within it: Documentary, Animation, and Experimental.

In a typical semester we make 5-10 narrative short films. We currently have up to 10-20 documentaries being made and one major project that all the animation students work together on. 

Member fees and requirements

$15 per semester, paid to SGTV

These dues give students access to a large amount of equipment and computers to use for their films. All new members must go through a training to begin using SGTV’s equipment.

Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to be a member.


President, Zachary Spencer, sasgtvmv@email.sc.edu