Meggan Gould: Elizabeth M. Marion Visiting Artist and Scholar 2017-2018

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The School of Visual Art & Design is happy to welcome photographer Meggan Gould as our guest for the Visiting Artist & Scholar series. Gould is the Elizabeth M. Marion Visiting Artist for 2017-2018.⠀

It’s Just Paper Workshop⠀⠀
Friday, November 17, 2017⠀⠀
10AM – 1PM at the Richland Library Makers Space

Because the camera has the power to essentially reproduce a mirror image of the world, scholars and artists alike have often focused exclusively on the content of the image. But a photograph is also a thing—an object with physical, material qualities. And it is a practice: a way of seeing, making, and working, as well as a mode of communication and exchange. This workshop will playfully explore some of the material and practical aspects of the photographic medium, exploiting how a photograph can be an image, a material object, both, or neither.⠀

Artist Lecture⠀
Friday, November 17⠀⠀
4 – 5:30 PM in McMaster 214⠀
Gould will discuss her artist practice and her photographic vision.⠀

Exhibition: The Bureau of Visual Instruction

The Bureau of Visual Instruction is an ongoing, open-ended dissection of photographic vision. This exhibition includes photographs and unique objects, representing a long-term investigation of photographic vision, skewed towards failures, accidents, and mistakes, both deliberate and accidental.⠀

Gould's exhibition can be viewed in the McMaster Gallery until December 14th, 2017.⠀