Rocky Lewycky

2018 - 2019 Elizabeth M. Marion Visiting Artist and Scholar

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Rocky Lewycky is a contemporary ceramicist and professor from De Anza College.

Rocky Lewycky, born 1977 in the San Francisco Bay Area, lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. His resume includes teaching positions at the University of South Carolina, Institute of American Indian Arts (I.A.I.A.), the Santa Fe Community College, Foothill College, Monterey Peninsula College, and De Anza College where he is currently head of ceramics. Rocky has been featured in museum shows, as well as gallery exhibits of contemporary sculpture, installation and performance throughout the country. Rocky was recognized by the Santa Feanmagazine as ”One of the top five artists to watch in New Mexico,” and “Top Talent from emerging to established and our region’s most influential talent of all time,” in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Rocky was chosen by Jo Lauria of the American Craft Council to install a ceramic art piece at the Eastern State Penitentiary for the 2010 Philadelphia NCECA conference. He was also honored with a $20,000 award from the Santa Cruz Rydel Visual Arts Fund of 2012/2013. 

Rocky Lewycky on his work:
”My artwork is continuously shedding its skin, morphing through new mediums that convey ideas of time and transformation. Process is often a key entry point into my artistic expression, as demonstrated by mark making and repetition of form. Another element of my work is rooted in social advocacy. I am allured by the idea of the progressive existential hero whose paradigm is not limited by the current societal climate. Influences such as Eckhart Tolle, Rudolf Steiner, Joseph Beuys, and Wolfgang Laib permeate my art, as well as inspire the development of my own instruments of consciousness. With the appreciation, placement and necessity of art in present-day culture, I believe my work in deconstructing social barriers has the validity and strength to elicit insights into a more cohesive humanity.“


This lecture series is supported by an endowment established by Elizabeth M. Marion (1922-2016) of Greenville, South Carolina, a native of Columbia and seventh generation alumna of the University of South Carolina. Marion artists present a public lecture and lead creative workshops open to students, faculty, and to the community.

Schedule of Events

October 22nd:
2:30PM-5PM Studio Workshop-- Ceramic Studio
Demo- Baskets paper clay with burnout
Demo- Thrown and altered vases, tumblers, bowls, tea bowls.
Demo- Tool Making-beaded wire tool.
Demo- Making paper clay.

6PM-9PM Studio Workshop
Demo- Hands-On
Glaze Side-Fire and build catchers/stuff shells/load kiln
Demo- Glaze Buttons

October 23rd:
9AM-12PM Workshop in Studio
Demo- thrown and altered vases and tumblers part 2.
Demo- Baskets paper clay with burnout part 2.
Demo- Bisque Terra Sigillata with colored mica.
Review tiles of colored mica for base/ferric chloride, saggar, pit.

12:30PM-1:30PM Potluck

1:30-2:30PM Presentation

3PM-5PM Workshop in Studio
Hands-on Demo
Build and load pit

October 24th:
10AM-1:00PM Workshop in Studio
Unload Pit Fire
Demo- thrown and altered vases, tumblers, bowls.
Demo- Baskets paper clay with burnout.
Demo- Polishing work.
Review of Finishing Side-Fire Works
Demo- Gold Leaf

2-3PM: Public Lecture

3PM-5PM Meet with MFA and BFA Students